Retrofit Solid Buffered Probe

Retrofit Solid Buffered Probe

Model: 10185

About this item

Air temperatures fluctuate when refrigerator doors are opened and closed, but the actual temperature of the item stored in the cabinet is not affected unless the door is left open for a significant period of time. In response to the need to represent the actual product temperature, Cooper-Atkins has developed a series of product buffered probes. Now you can turn your existing air probe into a product simulator probe with the Retrofit Solid Buffered Probe. The #10185 is designed to fit tightly over the Cooper-Atkins #2033 TempTrak Air Probe, or #2013 Thermistor Air Probe, thus insulating / buffering the probe tip from the frequent air temperature changes. The material composition and thickness of the wall provide accurate simulated product temperature during changing ambient conditions. By using the Retrofit Solid Buffered Probe to monitor refrigeration or freezer cabinets, the true temperature of the product inside will be registered. Assembly is simple and directions are included with each Retrofit Solid Buffered Probe.

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Product Specifications

Stabilization Up to 2 hours
Patent Patent Pending
Material FDA Approved
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Temperature Range -25° to 180°F (-32° to 82°C)
Weight 2 oz (59 g)
Dimensions 1.5” x 1.5” dia. (38 mm x 38 mm dia.)