Multi-function Instrument

Multi-function Instrument

Model: MFM300

About this item

Lighten your load and increase your capabilities by using the MFM300. It's your choice …use the following instruments and tools: Digital Thermometers, Anemometers, Sling Pyrchrometers, Data Loggers, Gauge Sets, P-T Charts and Psychrometric Charts or just use one,.... the MFM300. The MFM300 has the ability to measure, calculate and display the following: Temperature - 3 zones, Delta T, Min, Max and Average; Pressure; Superheat and Sub-cooling; Psychrometrics; Air Flow; Data Logging and is Upgradeable. The MFM300 is designed as a modular, upgradeable and expandable system allowing the user to add as needed; probes; features and capabilities. Eliminates Cost!

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Product Specifications

Case Hard Carrying Case Strap
Warranty 2 Years instrument, 1 Year probe (extended warrany option for instrument)
Certifications WEEE, RoHS, CE, NIST
Probe Model 1075 Puncture Probe, Model 4011 Surface Probe with 8" Velcro Strap
Temperature Range -58°F to 302°F ( -5°C to 150°C )
Temperature Accuracy ±0.3°F ( ±0.2°C ) or ±0.5% of Reading (whichever is greater)
Ambient Temperature Range 32°F to 122°F ( 0°C to 50°C )
Resolution Temperature: 0.1° Relative Humidity: 1% Pressure: 1 psi (1 kPa)
Airflow: 1fpm ( 0.001m/s )
LCD Height Character Height: 0.15 inch ( 3.8mm ) 8 lines w/ 20 characters per line ( up to 160 characters )
Housing Material Case: High-impact plastic Protective Boot: SBS
Sensor Type Temperature Relative Humidity Pressure (refrigerant gas)
Response Time Display Update Rate: 1/sec.
Shaft Length 1075 probe 4 in. (101mm) 4011 probe:N/A
Shaft Diameter 1075 probe: 0.140 in. (3.5mm) 4011 probe:N/A
Cable Length 1075 probe: 6 ft. (1.8m) Coil cord 4011 probe:12 ft. (3.66m)
Cable Material Polyurethane
Power Supply AA Battery
Battery Life 100 Hours Minimum
Weight One lb. ( not including probes )
Dimensions Length: 7.75 in. ( 197 mm ) Width: 4 in. (100 mm) Depth: 1.5 in. ( 38mm )