Hand-Held Air Probe - Straight Cable

Hand-Held Air Probe - Straight Cable

Model: 39032-K

About this item

Can be used to measure air temperatures such as ambient, walk-in coolers or freezers and air conditioning vents. Probe features a stainless steel shaft with baffle holes at tip to protect sensor. Available in Type J, K, and T.


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Product Specifications

Warranty1 Year Probe Warranty
Temperature Range-328°F to 400°F
(-200°C to 205°C)
Max Tip Temperature400°F (205°C)
Max Cable Temperature400°F (205°C)
Response Time11 seconds in 5 m/sec air stream
Shaft Length4" (102 mm)
Shaft Diameter.125" (3.2 mm)
Tip Diameter.125" (3.2 mm)
Cable Length36" (914 mm)
Cable MaterialFEP outer jacket