HACCP Manager Enterprise Software

HACCP Manager Enterprise Software

Model: 10755


  • Accessible: Manage data from multiple locations to a single, remote platform.
  • Flexible: Create global menus and checklists for use by multiple locations
  • Customizable: Program business-specific operations that can be changed locally (if needed).
  • Secure: Customize advanced permission settings for multiple users & perform security audits

About this item

The HACCP ManagerTM Enterprise software is the most important and powerful component of the system. Using it to analyze and sort temperature data makes a HACCP program much simpler and easier to implement. It can manage standard checklist processes, define critical control points and monitor corrective actions tailored to any facility to ensure a detailed and solid HACCP workflow.

The software’s intuitive interface makes it easy to program. The recorded data is tamper-proof, maintaining the integrity and accuracy of the recorded food temperatures and corrective actions. The Database tab summarizes the recorded data. A custom report can be quickly generated from this information and can be easily sorted, grouped and filtered using the column headings. Reports can be exported to PDF or Excel format.

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Product Specifications

Communication with the networked database requires:

  • A Windows (Win 7 or 8.1) PC running the Network Tool A USB cable and a USB port on the PC
  • Permissions to allow USB HID device enumeration on PC Internet access from the local network to the hosted server