Cooper-Atkins’ EnviroTrak™ Wireless Monitoring Solution

Cooper-Atkins® releases its new wireless monitoring solution, EnviroTrak™, specifically designed for food processing and industrial applications.

The EnviroTrak hardware is used to monitor ambient spaces and equipment that includes refrigerators, freezers, holding tanks and fillers, to protect stored goods, food products and other items sensitive to spoilage.

The powerful software (v. 5.0) provides users with a customizable interface and provides instant alert notifications including escalations that require acknowledgement and documentation of corrective actions. The EnviroTrak system provides real-time data as well as historical input that helps verify equipment malfunctions and inconsistencies. It is available in 900 MHz or 802.11 Wi-Fi bandwidths (but can exist as a hybrid system, utilized when both bandwidths are operating).

EnviroTrak offers a comprehensive solution traceable to the standards of NIST and an ISO 17025-calibrated option. The system allows for an unlimited number of monitoring points in an unlimited number of locations or buildings with a single software platform, thus requiring far less IT resources to maintain and manage your data.

About Cooper-Atkins

Cooper-Atkins Corporation, headquartered in Middlefield, CT, has been a leading manufacturer of environmental solutions since 1885. Cooper-Atkins serves the Foodservice, HVAC and Healthcare markets and has built a solid reputation as a leading manufacturer and provider of quality time, temperature, and humidity instruments. Led by Carol P. Wallace, President and CEO, Cooper-Atkins is a Certified Women Owned Business and proud member of the WBENC.

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