TempTrak FAQs

When looking for a system that can help automate manual temperature recording and improve regulatory compliance TempTrak™ by Cooper-Atkins® is the answer. With over 10 years of experience in providing wireless temperature monitoring solutions to the Healthcare industry, TempTrak has proven time and time again the it is the system of choice. Read below for answers to your frequently asked questions or contact Customer Support for more information.

Do you products have NIST Traceability?

Yes. We offer a wide variety of NIST transmitters and probes.

Describe your system's architecture.

All communications from the equipment sensors are send in one of two formats: 1) Frequency-hopping, spread spectrum 900 MHz RF (902-928 MHz) or 2) WiFi, 802.11 b/g/n, 2.4 GHz. The TempTrak data collector application running on the back office server is responsible for interfacing with the database system and other application modules. The wireless communication utilizes a small, one-way only transfer protocol that contains status and sensor reading data only. The 900 MHz communications flow is from sensor to base station only, and the WiFi communication transfers data to an access point and network. For more complete information please refer to the Technical White Papers.

How many current installations are there?

TempTrak is currently utilized in over 1,000 locations globally.

How many temperature sensors (wired and wireless) does your system support?

The system supports an unlimited number of wireless sensors.

How would I re-certify the products on-site?

Using a Prover Calibtration Box, you can certify transmitters on site. Model# 9315

Do you provide on site/in application recertification services?

Yes. Please contact I-Care support or your Cooper-Atkins sales representative for further information.

What regulatory guidelines does your system meet or exceed?


How frequently can we obtain temperature readings?

Data capture frequency ranges from every 5 minutes to every 6 hours.

Can we have refrigerators alarm in a different manner at a different time of day?

Yes. TempTrak can be configured to your specific needs; you can have various temperature ranges and alarm delays set throughout the day, as well as separate notifications.

What is the complete range of temperatures you r system can accommodate?

The TempTrak system can monitor temperatures ranging from -328°F to 500°F, -200°C to 260°C.

Is humidity monitoring available?

Yes. Temperature + Humidity Transmitters are available in both 900 MHz and WiFi configurations.

Describe how staff can be notified during an alarm.

Alarm notifications are available through any combination of the following: Digital Pagers, Emails, Alpha Pagers, Popups, Message Boards, Relay Switches, Text Messages and/or Mobile Devices.

Describe your system's alarm escalation capabilities.

The initial alarm is generated and an alarm notification is sent. If an escalation profile has been assigned to a sensor, then a series of time-based rules will be executed. Each rule has a delay in minutes. Once the delay time has passed, if the sensor has not been cleared or a note has not been added to the alarm, then the notification attached to that escalation rule will trigger. There is a fail-safe escalation which, regardless of an alarm being cleared or having a note, says that if after all the rules time delays have passed, and the alarm is still out-of-range, a new notification will be sent out.

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