Friday, January 19, 2018


TravAlert Plus Data Logger Kit
Model #: 23900
Cooper-Atkins TravAlert PlusTM temperature data logger is a top-of-the-line temperature recording device. The 23900 kit includes (2) rugged, high precision, high-temperature data loggers that are built for use within autoclaves and harsh environments. The TravAlert Plus data logger is simple to operate and provides accurate records for generating custom reports for HACCP compliance. The Data Logger Interface (docking station) is for downloading data only and cannot charge the data logger.

Product Specifications
Temperature Range -328 to 500F (-200 to 260C)
Temperature Accuracy 0.18F (0.1C) from 68F to 284F (20 to 140C)
Ambient Temperature Range -40 to 284F (-40 to 140C)
Resolution 0.02F (0.01C) increments
Waterproof Rating IP68-rated (submersible)
Housing Material Stainless Steel
Battery Type 3.6V lithium (high temperature)
Product Sheet

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