Monday, March 19, 2018

Thermocouple Probes

Thermcouple Pipe Strap Probe
Model #: 54011-K
The Thermocouple Pipe Strap Probe is designed to measure large diameter pipe surface temperatures that standard pipe clamp probes may not fit around, its perfect for tight spaces. The temperature of a pipe can be read immediately when the probe is plugged into any Type K Thermocouple Instrument. Easy to install, fits pipes up to 3.3 (84 mm) in diameter. Special strap-hook design allows you to quickly secure the probe to the pipe.

Product Specifications
Patented Patented Design #6834993
Accuracy 2.5 F (1.4 C)
Certifications RoHS
Mounting Strap-hook for mounting, 11 (279 mm) strap length
Warranty 1 year warranty
Temperature Range -25 to 300F (-32 to 149C)
Cable Length 10 (3 m) straight cord length
Cable Material Polyurethane cable material
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Product Sheet

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