Thursday, February 22, 2018

Thermocouple Probes

Fry Vat Probe
Model #: 50208-K
Ideal for monitoring fryer or cooking vat temperatures. Features a depthstop for convenient measuring by placing probe through a fryer basket that is not in use above the oil. Available Type J, K or T

Product Specifications
Warranty 1 Year Probe Warranty
Temperature Range -40F to 400F (-40C to 205C)
Max Tip Temperature 400F (205C)
Max Cable Temperature 400F (205C)
Response Time 8 seconds in liquid
Shaft Length 7.3" (185 mm)
Shaft Diameter .188" (4.8 mm)
Tip Diameter .188" (4.8 mm)
Cable Length 30" (762 mm)
Cable Material flexible stainless steel armored sheath
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