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Multi-Temperature Thermistor Instrument
Model #: SH66A
For Applications where multiple temperature measurements need to be taken, this is the instrument to use. Measure suction and liquid line temperatures simultaneously, temperatures across condensing coils, as well as the ambient temperature, all at the same time!

The Constant Scan feature records the min/max temperature from three probes allowing the technician to monitor critical temperatures remotely while completing other tasks.

Product Specifications
Memory Min / Max memory
Zone 3-Zone
Probe2 Model 4011 Surface Probe
Probe3 Model 1075 General Purpose Puncture Probe
Warranty 5 Year Instrument, 1 Year Probe
Certifications WEEE, CE, NIST, RoHS
Probe Model 2010 Air Probe
Auto Shut-off after 10 minutes of non-use
Temperature Range -40 to 300F (-40 to 150C)
Temperature Accuracy 0.3F or 0.5% Reading, whichever is greater
Ambient Temperature Range 0 to 130F / -18 to 54C (90% RH non-condensing)
Resolution 0.1F
Weight 1lb 5oz / 595g
Dimensions 9.5" x 6.5" x 3 .5" (241 mm x 165 mm x 89 mm)
Battery Type Battery 9v
Battery Life 90 hours
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