Sunday, February 18, 2018

Thermistor Probes

Replacement Probe with Overmolded Stem, for DTT361 Thermometer/Timer
Model #: 9335A
The DTT361 Cooking Thermo/Timer has gained popularity since it monitors internal temperatures of items cooking in your oven without opening the oven door. If needed, our replacement probe will help keep the DTT361 a favorite tool in your kitchen. The specially designed silicone-jacketed probe keeps moisture out and protects the cable.

Product Specifications
Certification RoHS
Warranty 1 Year
Temperature Range 32 to 392F / 0 to 200C
Temperature Accuracy 4F / 2C
Resolution 1F / 1C
Max Tip Temperature 392F / 200C
Shaft Length 6.5" (16.5cm), 90 bend
Shaft Diameter 0.156" (4mm)
Cable Length 44" (1.1m)
Cable Material Silicone-Jacketed Cable
Weight 1 oz
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