Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Thermistor Probes

Panel Meter Flexible Shaft Probe
Model #: 6020
Probe has stripped pigtail termination that can be attached to your Panel Meter Thermometer via the screw terminal blocks. Flexible 10K Thermistor Probe with pigtail leads.

Product Specifications
Warranty 1 Year Probe Warranty
Temperature Range -25 to 200F / -32 to 93C
Temperature Accuracy 0.4F (0.2C) from 32 to 158F (0 to 70C)
Max Tip Temperature 200F / 93C
Max Cable Temperature 180F / 82C
Response Time 50 seconds in 5m/sec air stream
Shaft Length 18" / 457mm
Shaft Diameter .156" / 4mm
Cable Length 12' Straight Cord
Cable Material PVC
Weight 1oz / 31g
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