Thursday, February 22, 2018


NotifEye Grower's Kit
Model #: 15910
This easy-to-use system to wirelessly monitor soil and air temperatures to ensure environmental conditions are optimal for planting. It ships with an Immersion prone (2) 6' Temperature Sensors and a Humidity Sensor. This kit is ideal for monitoring both temperature and humidity levels in a greenhouse. Monitoring heat and moisture levels in a growing environment is necessary for successful germination and a key factor for producing quality crops. Analyze the system data to make adjustments and save energy by heating only until optimal growing can be sustained. Also, as an exception-based system, alerts can be sent when preset temperature and humidity limits are exceeded.

Product Specifications
Accuracy: 1.2F (0.7C)
Dimensions: 12.22 x 2.18 x 2.18 (310 mm x 56 mm x 56 mm)
Temperature Range: -25 to 180F (-32 to 82C)
Product Sheet

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