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Legacy Ethernet Gateway (replace with 15505)
Model #: 15501
The NotifEye Ethernet Gateway allows your wireless sensors to communicate with the online monitoring and notification system without the need for a computer to be running. Simply plug the device into any open network port with internet connection and it will automatically connect with our online servers. You can easily configure your network, view collected sensor data and set alarms all from any web-enabled browser. Buffering allows 65,000 readings to be stored if internet connection is interrupted and the software will send an outage notification if the gateway is not receiving power. Available in RF 900 MHz or 868 MHz. Contact your local Cooper-Atkins distributor to purchase.

Product Specifications
Compatibility PC / MAC Compatible
Power 5.5V AC adapter, 115V Outlet
Compatibility PC / MAC Compatible
Warranty 1-year warranty
Dimensions 5.5" x 4.0 " x 1.3" (139.8 mm x 101.7 mm x 34.9 mm)
Ambient Operating Range 14 to 158F (-10 to 70C)
Antenna 7.25" (184 mm) SMA connector
Communication RF 900 or 868 MHz
Minimum System Requirements Internet Access via Ethernet Port
Weight 8 oz (227 g)
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