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Humidity Probe
Model #: 5029
Measure Relative Humidity & Dry-Bulb Temperature: The MFM300 will display the relative humidity and dry-bulb temperature measurements when the humidity probe (Model 5029) is connected to either universal jack. Also Display Psychrometrics: Press the PSYC button and Psychrometrics are calculated from the current relative humidity and dry-bulb measurements. Requires at least one relative humidity probe (Model 5029). Psychrometric values displayed are: enthalpy, specific humidity, wet bulb, dry bulb, % RH and dew point.

Product Specifications
Certifications NIST Certified
Max Cord Temperature 200F / 93.3C
Humidity Range 0 to 99% RH
Max Tip Temperature 185F / 85C
Humidity Accuracy 2% RH
Temperature Range Temperature: -40F to 185F (-40C to 85C )
Releative Humidity:10%RH to 95%RH
Temperature Accuracy Temperature: 0.3F ( 0.2C ) or 0.3% of Reading ( whichever is greater )
%RH: 2%RH between 20%RH and 80%RH
Ambient Temperature Range -40F to 185F ( -40C to 85C )
Resolution Temperature: 0.1
Relative Humidity: 1%
Housing Material Handle: High-impact plastic
Shaft: Stainless steel
Sensor Type Relative Humidity: Integrated circuit
Temperature: Thermistor
Response Time 30 seconds ( in moving air )
Shaft Length 5 in. ( 127mm )
Shaft Diameter 0.25 in. ( 6.35mm )
Cable Length 6 ft. ( 1.8m )
Cable Material PVC
Weight 0.25 lb. ( 0.113 kg. )
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