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HACCP Manager

HACCP Manager Kit
Model #: 93710
The HACCP Manager Kit provides the software, hardware and PC interface for the collecting, reporting, analyzing and storing of product temperature records and checklist documentation. The Handheld is a data-collecting instrument designed to simplify the gathering of temperatures and the documentation of corrective actions as well as managing standard checklist processes. The database software allows for customizing up to 300 menu items and the Handheld can store up to 3000 temperature readings, 1500 checklist records (150 questions) and includes a secure PIN functionality feature to protect user-recorded data.

Product Specifications
Security Secure PIN functionality to protect user-recorded data
Total System Accuracty 2F (1C) Handheld and 50209-K MicroNeedle Probe (when validated in a properly constructed ice bath)
Ambient Operating Range: 32 to 122F (0 to 50C)
Kit Includes Handheld (37100), MicroNeedle Probe (50209-K), Battery Charger (9382), USB Cable (9383), Software CD-ROM (9384), Soft Carrying P
Checklist Feature Stores 1500 checklist records (150 questions)
Waterproof Rating Water resistant
Battery Rechargeable lithium ion battery (8 hr.)
Warranty Five year instrument warranty, One year probe. One year rechargeable battery
Temperature Range -100 to 500F (-73 to 260C) w/50209-K Probe
Housing ABS Plastic with rubber boot with probe storage slot
Accuracy 1F (0.5C) or 0.2% of reading
Response Time 1 second (liquid)
Certifications CE, WEEE, RoHS, NIST traceable
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