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Solid Simulator Probe
Model #: 31604
EnviroTrak-specific, Solid Simulator Probe. Air temperatures fluctuate when refrigerator doors are opened and closed, but the actual temperature of the item stored in the cabinet is not affected unless the door is left open for a significant period of time. In response to the need to represent the actual product temperature, Cooper-Atkins has developed a series of patented* product simulators. Both modified simulator probes include a calibration port which allows NIST-traceable calibration to be performed on-site. The SysCal™ process calibrates the transmitter and probe together as a system, using a thermocouple thermometer to quickly verify its accuracy. Probe 31604-032 calibrated to NIST standards is available. *U.S. Patent #9,470,587.

Product Specifications
Cable Material: PVC
Cable Length: 6' (1.83 m)
Temperature Range: -25° to 180°F (-32° to 82°C)
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