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C02 Monitor with 900 MHz Wireless Transmitter
Model #: 31710-5
An EnviroTrak-specific probe that is designed to measure carbon dioxide in harsh and humid environments. The ABS plastic housing is dust proof and waterproof to IP65 standards with a choice of several measurement ranges, up to 20% of CO2 depending on the model. The patented sensor has unique reference measurement capabilities. Its critical parts are made of PTB plastic which provides outstanding stability over both time and temperature. By lengthening the calibration intervals, the user saves both time and money. The probes are interchangeable and can be removed and reattached or replaced at any time without the need for calibration and adjustment. This product is available to monitor the following ranges: 0-5% (31710-5), 0-10% (31710-10) and 0-20% (31710-20). It is also available in Wi-Fi

Product Specifications
RF Frequency: 900 MHz
Power Source: 24V
Shaft Length: 3.75" (96mm)
Ambient Operating Range: -4 to 140F (-20 to 60C)
Range: 0-5%
Cord Length: 10ft (3m)
Response Time: 20 seconds
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