Friday, January 19, 2018

Accurate for Life

The same innovative technology applied in our popular thermocouple instruments is now available in our AFL Digital Thermometers. All Accurate for Life thermometers have calibration settings stored in a non-volatile memory chip, making field adjustment a thing of the past. There's no risk of introducing error into the instrument. Digital thermometers are used in all aspects of a good HACCP management program. 

All Accurate for Life thermometers have a Guaranteed Lifetime Warranty. Any AFL instrument that proves to measure temperatures out of the specified accuracy range or be defective in material or workmanship, will be replaced, without charge, upon receipt of the unit prepaid.

To validate the accuracy of your thermometers we recommend using the ValCup, Thermometer Validation Cup. Just fill with crushed ice, add water, insert your thermometer and Validate! It is important to regularly check your thermometers to be sure they are providing the most accurate reading.


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