Thursday, February 22, 2018

NotifEye FAQs

General Questions


Q: Can I use a NotifEye USB with a laptop and aircard?

A:Yes, we have several customers currently using aircards to connect their sensors to the NotifEye™ online wireless sensor monitoring system. However, the gateway is not a data logger and if communications are interrupted data can be lost until the network connection is restored. To aid in this, we have added a 15 second retry to all messages. However, if the connection is still not available after 15 seconds, the data will be lost.

Q: How does the wireless sensor network notify the user there is an incident that requires an action?

A: The NotifEye™ online wireless sensor monitoring system notifies the designated contacts(s) via SMS (text message), e-mail, or voice mail.

During the set-up process through your NotifEye online portal, the administrator can program in cell phone numbers and e-mails of the individuals requiring notification, establishing the contact criteria for each of the above three methods of communication.

Q: How much will I be charged for text message notifications?

A: You will not be charged by NotifEye for text messages issued by the NotifEye Sensor Network. The text messages you receive from NotifEye are routed through your cellular provider. Thus, any text message notifications you set-up to receive from NotifEye’s notification service are covered under your text message plan through ATT™, Sprint™, Verizon™, T-Mobile™, et al. If you do not subscribe to a text plan through your cellular carrier, you will be charged their standard rate for receiving a text message.

Q: Why is there a delay in my sensor notifications?

A: Having a delay in notifications is not typical however there are some things that can cause this. Both Email notifications and SMS notifications are sent over SMTP. Our SMTP relay server is configured to ensure timely delivery of your notifications.

If the receiving server (your mobile phone company in the case or your SMS (text) notifications) is too busy or down for maintenance, etc. The SMTP Relay will try to re-send the message again, several times within the first hour. Then it will attempt to deliver every 4 hours until the receiving server is ready to receive for up to 2 days. After two days it is assumed the notification must have a bad address and it is discarded.

Q: Will I need to buy or replace the batteries for my wireless sensors?

A: Batteries are included with the purchase of every wireless sensor that ships from NotifEye. Under normal operating conditions a sensor in your NotifEye wireless sensor network (WSN) will last for 3,000 transmissions (2-4 years with a 1+ hour heartbeat.)

Q: What are some environmental attributes that may affect RF range of sensors?

A: Wireless sensors transmit their data using wireless radios, and as such are subject to the same environmental limitations found in all wireless communications.  Elements that effect radio transmission are severe inclement weather, trees, heavily constructed walls (cement, cinder block), sheet metal, wall board, wood, tile, buildings, vehicles, etc.  Unless you have direct line of sight, every obstruction impedes wireless transmissions, even the human body.

In short, there are four factors to keep in mind for the health of your wireless sensor network and maintaining its peak performance:

• distance from sensor-to-sensor and the wireless gateway
• power output of the radio
• data rate transmission
• frequency of the radio link

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